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Health Promotion Center
The Health Improvement Center was set up in order to discover any diseases at an early stage and administering the proper medical first aid to Jeju National University students and faculty members in a smooth and efficient manner. There are three departments including the departments of health promotion, medical diagnosis, and the sexual harassment & violence counseling.

Medical Diagnosis Department
Diagnosis Room: Counseling of students and faculty in the event of outbreak of diseases and its proper medical care
Treatment Room: Treating and sterilizing external wounds
Medicine Room: Administering of appropriate medicines
Medical Check-up Room: Extracting of blood and urine samples for the correct diagnosis and prevention of any further outbreak of diseases

Health Promotion Department
Health Promotion Room: Measuring blood pressure, checking for diabetes, body composition check, peripheral blood circulation check,
as well as basic physical fitness tests are administered
Health Counseling Room: Counseling students and faculty to maintain and promote their health conditions

Sexual Harassment & Violence Counseling Department
Executing sexual harassment and prostitution prevention campaigns and training sessions
Accepting sexual harassment and violence reports and offering counseling afterwards
- Investigation of the reported incidents, processing and making full reports to the proper authorities
- Connecting victims to professional organizations or institutions

Operating Hours
Departments Days of the Week Opening Hours
Mental Health Tuesday 14:00~17:00
Preventive Medicine Thursday 14:00~17:00

Jeju National University Hospital
Jeju National University Hospital provides medical services tailored to the needs of patients. Located near to university, it is easy for students to access. More Information:

Health Insurance
From 2015, it is mandatory for international students studying in Korea to obtain a health insurance according to the Ministry of Education.

  National Health Insurance International Student Insurance
(Private insurance as group)
How to participate Visit National Health Insurance Corporation Send insurance premiumto company's account
Period Not limited One year
Health Insurance Premium About 45,000won/month Undergraduate: About 200,000won/a year
Graduate: About 250,000- 300,000won/a year
(It varies depending on age.)
Remarks If D-2 holder participates from March 1 to April 30,
the participant is exempt from paying back-dated premium.
Visit Center for International Affairs to find out the benefits and reimbursement.
Family member can be added.
(Family registration card is required and additional fee may be asked.)