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University Scholarship
Jeju National University provide scholarship to international students according to the scholarship rules.

Type of Scholarship Criteria for Scholarship
New/Transfer Students Enrolled Students
Type A
(Full Tuition Exemption)
  TOPIK level 5 or higher and GPA 3.4/4.3 or
higher in the previous semester
Type C
(Partial Tuition Exemption)
1st year: TOPIK level 3 or higher
3rd year: TOPIK level 4 or higher
TOPIK level 3 or higher and GPA 2.4/4.3 or
higher in the previous semester
TOPIK Scholarship This scholarship is given to enrolled students who have superior
grades in TOPIK. (No double grants)

- TOPIK Level 4: 100,000 won
- TOPIK Level 5: 200,000 won
- TOPIK Level 6: 300,000 won

Korean Government Scholarship
Korean government gives Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) to excellent international students.
You can find the details on the website below.

JNU KGSP contact     email     +82-64-754-8242