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Tuition Fees

Course Application Tuition Health
1 Semester
50,000 2,400,000 70,000 1,800,000 ​4,320,000​
1.5 Semester
50,000 3,600,000 ​70,000​ 1,800,000 ​5,520,000​
2 Semesters
50,000 4,560,000 70,000 3,600,000 ​8,280,000​
       All admitted students are subject to subscribe to the National Health Insurance from 2021.3.1. onwards.
Based on the exam after every 200hours/400hours of the course, students can move up to a higher level.
Total tuition fees include 2 main textbooks for one semester. However,
students are responsible for buying their own practice book and materials for afternoon classes.
One semester includes 4 field trips on Jeju Island.
Students are required to obtain health insurance and insurance fee depending on age and gender.
Insurance fees may vary so any remaining amount will be refunded or charged.
The Student Dormitory fee includes double room and meals (Breakfast & Dinner on weekdays and Breakfast,
Lunch & Dinner on weekends) for 6 months.

Tuition Reduction
10% reduction for students who register for their second semester
10% reduction for students who register with their brother/sisters, spouse or parents/children
30% reduction for students who are enrolled in JNU as an undergraduate or graduate student.
Application fee reduction for students who are enrolled in JNU as undergraduate or graduate course and who register for their second semester.
※ No double discounts.

Refund Rules
The application fee is not refunded.
For refund of tuition, you should submit the refund application and a copy of your bankbook to the Korean Language Course office.
Refund of tuition is not possible when you cancel for personal reasons after the visa issuance.
If you are not able to get a visa after registration, you can apply for a full tuition refund by submitting the refund application.
Amount of Refund
2 weeks before 2 weeks - 1st day of course 1st week of course After 1 week
95% of Tuition 90% of Tuition 50% of Tuition No refund

※ If you are not able to attend classes because of diseases, you can apply for a refund by obtaining a doctor's diagnosis.
(If 1/3 of the course has not passed yet, 30% of tuition is refunded.)