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Educational Contents Per Level
Level Learning Scope and Sequence
Basic Level 1
Starting off from the Korean vowels and consonants, through practices of listening to basic vocabulary and
speaking accurately, students will be able to express basic sentences and write accurately with correct spelling.
Students will be able to carry out basic daily expressions such as doing self-introductions and
basic greetings.
Prepare the foundation for understanding food culture, common etiquette, and general Korean culture.
Level 2
Intermediate Level 3
Expand communicative ability in daily life by applying new vocabulary and expressions after learning
the basic phonology and grammar rules of Korean.
Able to use commonly used expressions appropriately depending on situations and public locations.
Level 4
Learn a higher level of grammar such as using postposition and a lot more variety of Korean expressions.
By learning and using middle and high level grammar, students are able to express their opinions in
complex situations in a specific way. Students are able to express their thoughts about their school work and other related things using appropriate professionalized corpus.
Students will learn the skills needed to debate about a certain topic and be able to persuade the other party.
Students are able to write in given formats after learning about various styles of writing.
Advanced Level 5
Students are able to debate and express their opinions on a wide range of topics such as politics, economics,
society and culture. While doing this, they will cultivate their ability to write and speak persuasively.
Through specialized writing courses such as taking notes for lectures and writing assignments as well
as writing up a report in work places, students will be able to write appropriate essays and reports in accurate grammar and format.
Through an in-depth learning about Korean culture, students are able to understand the general social
situation in Korea and they are also able to understand linguistic relationships between culture and language.

The course runs for 2 semesters a year and for 20 weeks (400 hours) per semester.
Based on the level tests every 10 weeks (200 hours), you can move on to upper level.
Classes are given from Monday to Friday (20 hours).
A class consists of around 15 students.
A semester includes 4 field trips.
1 (09:00-09:50) Vocabulary & Grammar, Listening, Speaking Language Class
2 (10:00-10:50)
3 (11:00-11:50)
4 (12:00-12:50)        
5 (13:00-13:50) Reading, Writing (Every other day)  
6 (14:00-14:50)