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해외 교류수학
해외 교류수학(어학연수)

The English Language Institute (ELI) of Texas A&M University – Commerce (TAMU-C) is designed to prepare English Language Learners (ELLs) for admission to graduate and undergraduate in higher education. Students who successfully complete the ELI with a grade of “B” or better may use their certificate of completion in lieu of the required TOEFL or IELTS score for university admission at TAMU-C.

Curriculum Overview and Courses


Academic English Classes Level
ELI 115: Academic Reading/Writing-1 Basic
ELI 116: Communications-1 Basic
ELI 215: Academic Reading/Writing-2 Intermediate
ELI 216: Communications-2 Intermediate
ELI 315: Academic Reading/Writing-3 Advanced
ELI 316: Communications-3 Advanced

Listening/Speaking (COMM)
Listening and speaking standards are designed to allow students to develop a wide array of practical oral communication and interpersonal skills. Objectives are structured to encourage students to collaborate, to listen carefully and express ideas effectively; adapt speech to context and purpose; integrate information from a variety of sources (including oral, visual, and multi-media sources); effectively evaluate oral/aural information; and creatively employ multi-media displays in order to support and achieve communicative goals.

Reading/Writing (ARW)
Reading and writing standards are designed to allow students to develop a broad range of effective reading strategies and provide exposure and practice in specific types of writing. Reading and writing objectives provide access to and deepen understanding of academic vocabulary as it appears in context. Objectives further provide opportunities for students to draw upon and incorporate evidence from literary and expository texts to inform their writing; guide students in writing to inform and explain, describe events, people, and circumstances; fashion narratives about real or imagined experiences; craft effective arguments; as well conduct and present research.

Main Class Lecturer/Co-ordinator
Jenie Hahn         +82-64-754-2236

ELI certification requirements

Students must attend all of their classes regularly in order to receive a certificate of completion from JNU TAMU-C program. Students must have at least an 80% attendance and absences must be for a valid reason only. They must receive an average grade of B or better in all classes to progress to get a pass grade. Students will receive an NG (No grade) as a failing grade.

Grading policy

Students receive grades of A, B, C or NG (No Grade) based on the above-mentioned categories: A = 90-100% B = 80-89% C = 70-79% NG = 69% and below
Class Time Schedule

ELI courses during the semester will run for 12 weeks. The total number of hours will be 120 hours. There are 10 hours of class time in a week. The ELI course will run 4 times a year. During the summer and winter semester, classes will run for 4 weeks. The total number of hours will be 80 hours. There are 20 hours of class time in a week.
Class Size

No more than 15
Tuition Inquiries

Please call (064) 754-2198 for the exact ELI tuition requirements. (Korean consultation possible)