Notice for Students
Notice for Students

2020 JNU UCC Contest for International Students

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2020 JNU UCC Contest for International Students


1. Due date: 9th Nov. 2020 (Mon) - 6th Dec.2020 (Sun)


2. Eligibility for participation: All International Students at JNU including the students

    taking Korean Language Courses. (as individuals or groups)

 International students can make a group of less than 3 people with Korean

    students. (Regardless the group has Korean students, the representative

    should be a international student)

※ Applying for the contest with only Korean students is prohibited.


3. Theme & Content of the UCC Contest

  1) Introducing about Jeju or JNU

     * features of a university or departments, facilities for the students in campus

        such as library, Ara muse hall, the student building, and etc

  2) Expressing your daily life in Jeju or campus life in JNU 

     * experiences of studying at JNU or leaving in Jeju, club activities, or hobbies

  3) Events promoted by Jeju National University

      * exciting moments at Korean Language classes, as a member of Global

         Supporters, cultural experiences or any other activities held by International



4. Form of Video

   - The UCC has to get upper than 1980*1080 pixels

   - The aspect ratio is recommended to be 4:5

   - The format of video needs be produced by MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, and etc.

   - The video has to be within 2 minutes.


5. How to apply

 > Send original file of video & application form to E-mail:

 > Title of E-mail needs to be written as [2020 JNU UCC Contest / (Representative) Name & Nationality / Title of video]. 

 > Application Documents

   1) Application form (* agreement about using personal information &

       applier’s work is needed)

   2) Certificate of student registration (* All participants in groups are needed

       to submit certificate.)

   3) Original file of video (* UCC must be produced by a format of video)

   4) Subscription must be included in video, or script of video must be


Available language: Korean and other recommended languages (English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Mongolian)


6. Award

  > 1st Prize: 300,000 (1 Team)

  > 2nd Prize: 200,000 (2 Teams)

  > 3rd Prize: 150,000 (2 Teams)

  > Best love for University Award: 100,000 (4 Teams)

※ Souvenir is provided in order of application(first-come-first-served basis)

※ Prize is awarded by a gift card(voucher) worth as above


7. Notice about the contest

Videos awarded at the contest will be posted on SNS & website of both JNU & International affairs. Also, it will be showed at events hosted by office of INTL Affairs. The videos can be sent to JNU’s global partner universities and institutions. If Studying abroad fairs would held, the video can be played. Especially, the videos including contents about Jeju, may be used by public institutions of Jeju Special Self-governing Province.


 ※ Should you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact to: 

       Tel. 064)754-8241 / E-Mail.



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