Notice for Students
Notice for Students

Vaccination guide for foreign nationals in Korea

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                                  COVID-19 pre-reservation and vaccination period

<Persons aged 18 to 49>

 (Eligible recipients) Persons aged 18 to 49 (i.e those who were born between Jan. 1, 1972 to Dec. 31, 2003)

 (Vaccine type) mRNA vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna)

 (Vaccination center) Designated health facilities or vaccination centers

      The persons who are not covered by health insurance, vaccination centers are only available.

 (Additional reservation period) Persons aged 18 to 49, until Sep. 18(Sat.) 18:00

 (Vaccination period) Aug. 26.(Thurs.) ~ Oct. 2(Sat.) (The 2nd dose will be after 6 weeks.)

The persons who came from overseas after Aug. 30, 2021 can be applied Quarantine exemption only for vaccination fully in Korea (2 weeks later).


-      The vaccination record should be checked with Certificate of Immunization.

-      In a case of getting a vaccine (When the 1st dose(Korea) and 2nd dose(Overseas) or the 1st dose(Overseas) and 2nd dose(Korea)), the record of vaccination can be registered for COVID-19 Vaccination register system.






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