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Noticie of Cultural Experience Program for International Students

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코로나19 예방을 위한 참가학생 준수사항

Rules and Regulations for Participating Students to Prevent Covid-19

버스 탑승 시 손소독제 사용 손소독 실시

버스 탑승 시 1열당 1명 교차 차석

버스 탑승 시간 내 마스크 상시 착용

버스 탑승 이동 시 음식물 및 음료 섭취 금지

버스별로 4명씩 입장권 수령 후 시간적 간격을 두고 체험 진행

문화체험 전후 손소독 실시

문화체험 시 상시 마스크 착용

Sanitize your hands with provided sanitizers before boarding the bus.

Only one student per one row should be seated within the bus.

Masks should be worn at all times in the bus.

No eating and drinking permitted during the bus ride.

4 people in one group will get off the bus, collect the tickets according to

the buses that they are riding in and enter the venue with intervals in between.

Sanitize your hands before and after the cultural program.

Masks should be worn at all times during the whole cultural program.

Inquiries: Office of International Affairs, JNU E-mail:




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