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Notice for Students
Notice for Students

(Korean Language Program) Admission Notifcation for 2024 Korean Langua…

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2024학년도 한국어과정 모집 알림

Announcement: New Admission for 2024 Korean Language Program

※상세 붙임 모집요강 참조

Please refer to the attached file (Admission Guideline) 




Spring Semester 2024

Fall Semester 2024

Application Period

2023.12.1. ~ 12.29.

2024. 6. 3. ~ 7.19.

Exceptional Countries*

2023.10.23. ~ 12.4.

2024.5.20. ~ 6.30.

Tuition Payment

Individual Notice Given to Accepted Students

Issuance of the Certificate of Admission

After Tuition Payment

Beginning of the Semester

2024. 3. 4.

(Level Test: 2024.2.29.)

2024. 9. 2.

(Level Test: 2024.8.30.)

*Exceptional Countries: Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Ghana, Peru, Myanmar, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Philippines, Bangladesh, etc.

※Students with a visa to stay in Korea can enter the course by paying tuition fees through the Admissions Committee before the beginning of the semester

▶​제주대학교 한국어과정 입학 문의

(중국) T. 064-754-2199 / E. intl6@jejunu.ac.kr

(중국 외 국가) T. 064-754-8246 / E. thfk1261@jejunu.ac.kr ​ 


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